Our mission is to offer tourists an Ecotourism destination in the Community of Miraflor that contributes to the conservation and sustainable use of the natural resources of the Reserve.

We are the project “SUPPORT AND PROMOTION OF ECOTOURISM IN COMMUNITIES OF MIRAFLOR, NICARAGUA” of FAMILIAS UNIDAS with the collaboration of COOSEPROCADIE and we emerged as a response to the demand of development of the tourist potential of the area of ​​an organizational initiative of the community that is the cooperative AGROECOTUR

Our objectives:

  • Promote Ecotourism in the Community of Miraflor

  • Ensure a viable economic activity for small tourist entrepreneurs in the area

  • Contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

  • Promote local culture and products.

Organizations working together
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The Cooperative Multifunctional AGROECOTUR Miraflor R.L. is a cooperative dedicated to developing activities directed to supporting the economic and social development of his partners, being the principal activity the Rural and Alternative Agro-ecotourism and the sale of Ecotourism Services: accommodation, the supply, and the agricultural production of an organic way of coffee, lacteal products and vegetables.

Our general objective is the “Improvement of the living conditions of Ecoposadists and Small Producers of the Natural Reserve Miraflor Moropotente under the Environmental and Sustainable approach”.

We are a group of 15 owners of small farms and small tourist businesses with vocation to participate in the improvement and welfare of our community.


Familias Unidas Nicaragua is an independent, non-profit organization with no political or religious ties, whose main objectives are:

  • The diagnosis of problematic of diverse nature, mainly social, cultural and economic, that affect or could affect their geographical area of ​​influence.
  • The design, execution, monitoring and evaluation of actions and projects of cooperation with his population target.
  • The search of necessary financing to be able to do these actions and projects.

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COOSEPROCADIE (Cooperativa de Servicios Profesionales de Consultorías y Asesorías para el Formacion y Desarrollo Integral Empresarial) is a non-profit cooperative that aims to promote small and medium enterprises, small and medium producers and various organizations by providing professional services that allow economically sustainable human development in different spheres of society.

Cooseprocadie has extensive experience in promoting the creation of cooperatives linked to the socio-economic development of the most vulnerable areas of the country, and the technical advice of these to improve their management capabilities.

They have participated in the project “Support for local economic development through the tourism sector: Colonial Route and the Volcanoes”, performing organizational strengthening and technical assistance.