Hotel Los Arcos is a solidarity hotel, and from Los Arcos hotel we promote responsible tourism.

What does this mean?

We are a solidarity hotel because Hotel Los Arcos belongs to the Familias Unidas Foundation. And Familias Unidas has been working for the integral and sustainable development of Estelí and its rural communities since September 1997.

By belonging to Familias Unidas, all our benefits are invested in the development of projects that improve the conditions of our community, from a social, economic and environmental point of view and that is why we promote Responsible Tourism.

With the income obtained in this Hotel and its restaurant, Familias Unidas finances one of its sectors of action, training and free time. We finance sports: soccer, baseball, judo, volleyball and different activities dedicated to a healthy use of free time for girls, boys and young people.

We finance Cooperatvia Salud para Todos that among its projects offers consulting services in general medicine and nursing both in the city of Estelí and in the almost 20 rural communities in which we work, and workshops and educational talks for health prevention.

And we finance 7500 lots of school material for primary and secondary students that distributes the Cooperative for Education (COPAED) in two annual installments.

We also promote the sustainable use of resources by promoting responsible consumption, reducing waste by choosing products with less packaging or those that will last longer in the case of household appliances, for example, and education and development awareness. sustainable and recycling participating in the Estelí Mas Limpia project of Familias Unidas and Codeagro RL

In short, we are generating benefits for the local population as well as social welfare and we contribute to the health and educational improvement of Estelí.

Thank you for choosing us.

Our Location

Localized in Estelí – Nicaragua

From Cathedral 1/2 square North Estelí – Nicaragua